How to get police clearance certificate UAE

Step-by-step guide on obtaining a police clearance certificate in the UAE
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Navigating the process of obtaining police clearances can often feel like a maze of bureaucratic intricacies. Whether you’re applying for a job, completing immigration paperwork, or simply needing to prove your legal standing, these certificates are an essential piece of the puzzle. In the UAE, particularly in Dubai, the procedures have been streamlined to ensure that residents and expatriates can secure their clearance certificates with relative ease. This article will serve as a comprehensive guide to obtaining your police clearance in this vibrant Middle Eastern hub.

Understanding the Importance of Police Clearances

Police clearances, often termed as good conduct certificates, are official documents issued to attest to an individual’s criminal record, or lack thereof, within a specific jurisdiction. In many instances, they are crucial for employment, visa applications, or any legal proceedings. The effectiveness of these certificates lies in the policing system’s ability to provide accurate and up-to-date information about an individual’s past interactions with the law.

The Step-by-Step Procedure in Dubai

  1. Submit an online application through the Dubai Police official website or app.
  2. Provide the necessary personal information, which includes your full name, UAE identity number, and your passport details.
  3. Pay the applicable fees, which could vary depending on whether you require the certificate for use within the UAE or abroad.
  4. Undergo fingerprinting if you’re applying from outside the UAE. This could be done at your local police station or any accredited fingerprinting agency.
  5. Wait for notification regarding the status of your application, which is usually conveyed via email or SMS.
Easy process for getting a police clearance certificate in the UAE

Required Documentation

The documentation required for obtaining a police clearance certificate in Dubai is straightforward. Applicants must present:

  • A valid passport copy
  • A copy of their UAE residency visa
  • Two recent passport photographs
  • An Emirates ID card

Timelines and Processing

The time it generally takes to obtain these certificates is notably efficient, with online applications typically processed within 1 to 2 weeks. However, this could be extended if the application requires additional investigation or if it’s being processed through manual channels.

Legalization and Translation

Once you’ve got your police clearance certificate, it’s often required to have it legalized for international use. The legalization process, also known as attestation, involves having the document stamped by multiple authorities, such as the UAE Ministry of Foreign Affairs and the embassy of the country where you intend to present the certificate.

Table of Fees for Police Clearance Certificate in Dubai

ServiceFee in AEDFee in USD (approx.)
Basic certificate (within UAE)22060
Certificate with attestation (abroad)32087
Urgent service surcharge10027

Challenges and Solutions

Despite the streamlined process, applicants may face certain challenges. These might range from technical issues with the online platform to delays in processing during peak times. To mitigate these setbacks, it could be beneficial to apply well in advance of when the certificate is needed or to seek assistance from local typing centers that offer document processing services.

Additional Considerations for Expatriates

Expatriates in the UAE must be aware that police clearances from their home country might also be required for certain applications. Such clearances often have their own set of procedures and timelines, which should be factored into the expatriate’s planning. This dual clearance requirement underscores the interconnected nature of international policing and legal systems.

In conclusion, while obtaining police clearance certificates in the UAE requires a level of engagement with the local policing system, a clear understanding of the process can make your experience much smoother. Remember to gather all the necessary documentation before initiating the process and to factor in the required timelines to avoid any last-minute rushes.

 Documents required for obtaining a police clearance certificate in the UAE

Online and Offline Application Options

Although the online application process is a popular choice due to its convenience, applicants also have the option to apply in person by visiting a police station or a customer service center in Dubai. This could be particularly useful for those who do not have access to reliable internet services or need personalized assistance. Offline applications, however, might require a longer processing time due to the need for physical submission and manual handling.

Addressing Application Rejections

  1. Review the rejection notice for specific reasons.
  2. Rectify any errors or provide additional information as requested.
  3. Address any legal impediments with the assistance of a lawyer, if necessary.

It’s important to note that transparency and honesty in your application are vital and might be a determining factor in the reviewing process.

Renewal and Validity of Police Clearance Certificates

Police clearance certificates typically have a validity period, after which they need to be renewed if they continue to serve a purpose. The certificates issued in Dubai are valid for three months from the date of issue. Applicants should be mindful of this time frame, especially if they’re planning to use the certificate for applications that have their own set of deadlines.

Handling Confidentiality Concerns

The confidentiality of an individual’s criminal record is a primary concern, and the UAE’s policing authorities take it very seriously. The process is designed to ensure that personal information is kept secure and is only shared with relevant parties. Applicants need not worry about unauthorized disclosure of sensitive data, as stringent measures are in place to safeguard privacy.

Tips for a Smooth Application Process

  1. Double-check all entered information for accuracy before submission.
  2. Keep digital copies of all required documents ready for upload.
  3. Stay informed about any public holidays or non-working days that might affect processing times.

Remember that a proactive approach can significantly reduce the likelihood of unexpected delays or complications.

 Detailed instructions for applying for a police clearance certificate in the UAE


By following these guidelines and preparedness for possible queries, securing a police clearance certificate in Dubai can be a manageable and systematic process. With a clear understanding and correct documentation, you can easily navigate through the requirements and ensure your certificate is ready when you need it.

FAQ Section

Q1: How can I track the status of my police clearance certificate application?
A1: Once you have submitted your application, you can track its status through the Dubai Police official website or app using your application reference number. You will also receive updates via email or SMS.

Q2: Can I use a police clearance certificate obtained from Dubai in other emirates of the UAE?
A2: Yes, a police clearance certificate issued in Dubai is valid across all emirates of the UAE. However, if you require it for international use, you will need to get it attested as mentioned earlier.

Q3: Is it possible to get a police clearance certificate urgently if I have an immediate need?
A3: Yes, Dubai Police do offer an urgent service for an additional fee. This expedited option can be selected during the application process for faster processing of your certificate.

Q4: Do I need a police clearance certificate from every country I’ve lived in?
A4: This largely depends on the requirements of the entity requesting the certificate. Some may only require a clearance from your current country of residence, while others may ask for certificates from all countries where you’ve lived for a significant period.

Q5: What should I do if my police clearance certificate has errors?
A5: If there are errors on your police clearance certificate, contact the issuing authority immediately with evidence to support your claim. They will advise you on the necessary steps to correct the information and re-issue the certificate.