How to renew UAE driving license

How to Renew UAE Driving License Online - Step by Step Guide
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Understanding the Renewal Process

Renewing your driving licence in Dubai is not as daunting as it might seem. The process is streamlined and can be driven by either your visit to the relevant authorities or online methods that save you time and effort. If your licence were to expire, you could face hefty fines or even traffic complications, so it’s essential to mark the renewal date in your calendar.

  1. Ensure you have valid Emirates ID.
  2. Undergo an eye test at an authorized optician or driving institute.
  3. Fill the renewal application at the Roads and Transport Authority (RTA) service center or online.
  4. Pay the renewal fees and any applicable late fines.

Remember, having a current driving licence is mandatory to drive legally in Dubai. Failure to renew your licence could lead to unnecessary hassles and interruptions to your daily routines.

Renew UAE Driver's License: Hassle-Free Process Explained

Preparing for Your Renewal

Before you approach your renewal date, there’s a checklist of things to keep in mind to ensure you’re adequately prepared. Whether your renewal date is fast approaching or you’re planning ahead, here are key points to consider:

  • Your current driving licence should be within one month of expiring before you renew.
  • You should have a residency visa that’s valid for at least the next six months.
  • If you’re aged 21 or above, keep track of the 5-year renewal cycle; for those under 21, be mindful of the 10-year cycle.
  • Don’t forget to have your eyes tested – it’s a requirement for the renewal.
  • Be aware of the fees for renewal and have the necessary funds ready.

Having organized your documents and met the prerequisites, renewing your driving licence in Dubai should be a smooth process.

Renewal Fees and Penalties

When it comes to renewing your driving licences, there’s a fee structure that needs to be understood.

ServiceFee (AED)
Licence Renewal300
Eye Test100
Late Renewal Fine10 per month
Knowledge and Innovation Fees20 each

Keep in mind that if your licence renews late, you’ll accrue a monthly fine which will add to your total fee at the time of renewal. Being aware of these costs helps in planning your budget for the renewal process.

Renewing UAE Driving License: Important Steps and Tips

Online Versus In-Person Renewal

The convenience of online services has extended to driving licence renewals in Dubai. For many, the online renewal process offered by the RTA’s official website or dedicated apps has been a game-changer. It saves time, could be done from virtually anywhere, and you receive your renewed licence by courier. However, if you prefer a more hands-on approach or require additional guidance, visiting an RTA service center is still an option.

  • Convenience of renewing from home or on the go.
  • Quicker processing time and delivery of the licence to your address.

No matter which method suits you best, ensure all your documents are in order and that you have completed the mandatory eye test.

  • Personalized assistance and the ability to ask questions directly.
  • Immediate issue of the renewed licence upon completion at a service center.

It’s worth noting that your preference might hinge on your comfort with digital platforms and the urgency of your renewal situation.

Post-Renewal Procedures

Once you have successfully renewed your driving licence in Dubai, there are a few post-renewal steps to be aware of. Firstly, ensure that the information on your new licence is correct and up to date. If there are any errors, you should report them immediately to RTA. Next, if you have an International Driving Permit associated with your Dubai licence, you will need to update it accordingly.

  1. Verify the accuracy of the personal details and issue date on your new licence.
  2. Update any associated documents or permits, such as an International Driving Permit.

These simple steps ensure you maintain the legality and validity of your driving status after renewal.

Easy Renewal of UAE Driving License: Everything You Need to Know


In summary, renewing your driving licence in Dubai is a straightforward process that requires a bit of forethought and organization. By understanding the online and in-person renewal options, taking note of post-renewal procedures, and addressing the frequently asked questions, you can ensure that you remain a compliant and legal driver in this vibrant city.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Q: What documents do I need for renewing my driving licence in Dubai?

A: You will need the following documents to renew your driving licence:

  1. Original Emirates ID (a copy might also be required).
  2. Eye test results from an authorized optician or medical center.
  3. Your existing driving licence.

Q: Can I renew my driving licence if my residence visa is expiring soon?

A: Your residence visa should be valid for at least six more months when you apply for your driving licence renewal. If it is set to expire soon, you might need to wait for the visa renewal before renewing your licence.

Q: What should I do if my driving licence has been expired for a while?

A: If your driving licence has expired, you should renew it as soon as possible to avoid further penalties. You will be required to pay the standard renewal fee in addition to a late renewal fine, which accrues on a monthly basis.

Q: Can I still drive with an expired driving licence while I’m waiting for my renewal to be processed?

A: No, you cannot legally drive in Dubai with an expired driving licence. You must wait until you receive your renewed licence to resume driving.