Can a Wife Work on a Husband’s Visa in the UAE?

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The United Arab Emirates (UAE) has long been a magnet for foreign workers due to its booming industries and opportunities. An often raised and important question many foreign residents ask is: “”how to apply for spouse visa in UAE?”” or even more specifically, “”Can a wife work on her husband’s visa in the UAE?”” The answer to both questions is yes, a wife can work under her husband’s visa, provided she completes certain legal procedures.

Understanding the UAE Work Visa System

Before we delve deeper into the process, it’s essential to understand the UAE’s work visa system. A work visa, or a work permit, is a document granting a non-UAE resident, the legitimacy to carry out employment in the country. An interesting fact is that many expatriates have sought out “”husband visa jobs in Abu Dhabi”” and other emirates, counting on the convenience of obtaining employment under their spouse’s sponsorship.

What is a work visa?

A work visa is a specific entry permit that allows a foreigner to live and work in the UAE. Typically linked to the company or individual offering the job, it is not possible to start working before obtaining the relevant work permit.

How does it differ from other visas?

Work visas set themselves apart from other visas in terms of their purpose and duration. While a tourist or visit visa is limited to leisure and cannot exceed 90 days without renewal, a work visa offers the longevity needed for employment.

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Work Rights for Wives under Husband’s Visa

Notably, the “”husband visa UAE requirements”” allow for a wife to work under her husband’s visa sponsorship. This is a viable option for many families where the husband works and the wife also wishes to seek employment.

General conditions

Broadly speaking, a wife can work in the UAE under her husband’s sponsorship without having her own work visa. This is under the conditions that she obtains a No Objection Certificate (NOC) from her husband and a labour card (work permit) from her prospective employer.

Legal considerations

Considering the legalities, the husband must grant permission to the wife in written format, stating no objection to her working. The letter, also known as a No Objection Certificate (NOC), along with the wife’s passport and visa, need to be submitted to the Ministry of Labour. By doing this, she is allowed to legally work in the UAE without changing her visa status.

Work PermitIssued by the employer
NOC from HusbandA Declaration of no objection for work, issued by the husband
Valid PassportUp to date passport of the wife
Husband’s Employment ContractTo establish the sponsorship

However, amidst these procedures, an essential enquiry often arises about the “”spouse visa Dubai cost””. Although this depends on numerous factors including sponsor’s salary, profession, and duration of the visa, in general, the total cost can range from AED 5,000 to AED 7,000, which includes medical fitness, Emirates ID, visa stamping, and processing fees. It’s always beneficial to factor these costs while planning your stay in the UAE.

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Steps to Working on a Husband’s Visa

Once a wife has decided to work under her husband’s visa, there are several steps she should follow to ensure her employment is legitimate as per UAE laws.

Procedure for work permit application

Firstly, the wife’s prospective employer or the company is required to apply for a work permit from the Ministry of Human Resources and Emiratisation (MOHRE). This needs to be obtained prior to her commencing her work tenure.

Necessary documents

  1. The wife’s valid passport
  2. A copy of the husband’s employment contract or salary certificate
  3. Marriage Certificate attested as per UAE law
  4. Husband’s residence visa
  5. NOC from the husband

With these documents, the employer can apply for the Labour Card which is mandatory for the wife to work. The Labour Card, once approved, is what legalizes the wife’s employment in the UAE.

Rules for Working Under a Sponsorship Visa

One important aspect that future employment seekers need to understand is the rules and regulations governing working under a sponsorship visa in the UAE.

Employment Contract

The employer is required to draft an employment contract delineating the terms of employment. This contract includes the designation, salary, and the rights and duties of the employee. While working on a husband’s visa, especially, the employee (wife) must make sure that the employer respects the terms of her work permit and doesn’t violate her rights or duties.

Limits and Restrictions

Although a wife working under her husband’s visa enjoys considerable benefits, it is important to remember that certain restrictions apply. For instance, she cannot work in certain restricted industries, such as those that the UAE government assigns to UAE nationals. It is important to research and stay well-informed to ensure smooth sailing on the path to employment.

Common Misconceptions about Working on a Husband’s Visa

There are a few misconceptions that often swirl around the concept of working under a husband’s visa in the UAE. Let’s debunk some of these myths:

Debunking Myths

The most common myth is that working under a husband’s sponsorship limits job opportunities. The reality, however, is quite different. The UAE has no restrictions on the type of job a woman can have while on her husband’s visa, subject to some exceptions in certain government sectors.

Benefits of Working on a Husband’s Visa

Having the ability to work under a spouse’s visa comes with several benefits for both the wife and the family as a whole:

Financial Advantages

The most noticeable advantage is the financial relief. With both spouses earning, the family can improve their standard of living in the UAE, save more, and possibly even invest.

Lifestyle Benefits

Beyond financial gains, the opportunity to work affords spouses personal growth, fulfillment, and a heightened sense of contribution to the family and the community.

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Potential Challenges and Solutions

Despite these numerous benefits, it is important to acknowledge that there can be challenges when working on a husband’s visa in the UAE.

Confronting obstacles

The process to get the legal documents can be lengthy and potentially confusing. Employers might also prefer hiring someone with a job visa instead, but these are just some of the bumps in the road.

Effective solutions

To overcome these hurdles, ensure to stay well-informed about the process and requirements. Reach out to UAE’s Ministry of Human Resources and Emiratisation (MOHRE) to help guide you through, as required.


Working in the UAE under a husband’s visa is, undeniably, a path many expat wives have found to be advantageous both personally and financially. Though it comes with certain conditions, and sometimes, challenges, the distance to the finish line is rendered less daunting with the right information and support.


  1. Can a wife work on her husband’s visa in the UAE?
    Yes, a wife can work under her husband’s visa in the UAE, provided she gets her legal documentation (work permit), has a No Objection Certificate (NOC) from her husband and a labour card from her employer.
  2. What is the process to get a work permit under a husband’s visa in the UAE?
    The procedure starts with the employer applying for the work permit from MOHRE using the wife’s passport, a copy of the husband’s employment contract or salary certificate, marriage certificate attested as per UAE law, husband’s residence visa, and the NOC from the husband.
  3. Are there restrictions for working on a husband’s visa in the UAE?
    Yes, certain restrictions do exist. The wife cannot work in certain sectors that are assigned strictly to UAE nationals.
  4. What are the benefits of working on a husband’s visa in the UAE?
    There are numerous benefits including financial relief, a better standard of living, personal growth, and a heightened sense of contribution to the family and community.
  5. How to deal with challenges while working on a husband’s visa in the UAE?
    Staying well-informed about the process and requirements, and seeking help from authorities such as MOHRE, can overcome most challenges.