Website promotion - SEO

Website promotion - SEO

For more than 15 years our team has been engaged in promotion and search engine optimization of web-sites in European countries, whether it is an online shop, online service or branding.

If you only plan to develop your business on the Internet, we are ready to help you create and promote your website to the top of search engines, develop a strategy for its development, improvement and growth.

We ensure the growth of our customers' business by promoting websites in search engines. We use only teamwork and our own methodologies.

This is a set of measures to bring the site to the first positions of search engines, in order to attract interested visitors.

The key feature is that SEO is not an advertisement in the usual sense, but has the highest efficiency in attracting new clients.

Website promotion or SEO

Despite the presence of a large number of different tools of digital marketing, the conclusion in the TOP-10 search engines remains the most cost-effective option for sites and online shops in many business areas.

Speed. It is difficult to provide guarantees in a region that is saturated with competitors, but we can bring a lot of cases when we were trying to get the site in the top ten search results within 6 months. Highly competitive topics take more time, but a comprehensive approach to promotion allows us to achieve visible results very quickly.

Transparency. We audit the website and analyse competitors, after which we draw up a detailed work plan which we agree with you. The price of website promotion is fixed in each tariff. You know what you pay for, get access to statistics of attendance and at any time you can assess the dynamics. We prepare monthly reports and do not overstate advertising budgets, our remuneration does not depend on them.

Guarantee of quality. We can guarantee you that your work will be carried out professionally, in good faith and only by legal means, which will help to avoid sanctions from searchers.

Comprehensive approach. Having ordered SEO-promotion from us, you will get at your disposal a team of 6 specialists: account manager, SEO-specialist, copywriter, editor, content manager, designer. Each is responsible for his or her own area of work, so that as a result, your website will appear on the first page of Google. Before the start of the work, we can conduct a prototype of the site to identify points of growth, to form a technical task for improvements necessary for successful promotion.

White methods of promotion 

  • We form a semantic core by screening out empty requests.
  • We perform a technical audit and remove bottlenecks.
  • We identify the need to write texts and create useful, unique content that users and robots will enjoy.
  • We systematically form a reference mass on authoritative resources.

We do not resort to manipulations that could lead to a downgrading of the site or even the imposition of filters. We only use white SEO optimisation methods permitted by search engines.

We promote our site not only on a fixed list of search phrases, but we also cover a large number of low-frequency queries, which can generate up to 80% of the total search traffic. 

  • We provide objective recommendations for promoting your business on the Internet;
  • We also carry out competitive analysis, customise analytics and monitor conversion.
  • The price of services is fixed by the contract concluded, and cannot be increased by us unilaterally;
  • No additional or hidden payments - all work performed is included in the price.

Thanks to our own experience and research, our specialists will ensure that your website gets to the top of the Google search engine results in the shortest possible time.

What does the offer include?

  • Efficient SEO-promotion
  • Comprehensive audit of the project
  • Work to improve usability
  • Upgrading the website design
  • Expanding the functionality of the website

What will you get?

  • Growth of positions in the TOP of Google and other search engines
  • Target traffic growth
  • Increasing audience loyalty
  • Increase in conversion
  • Guaranteed increase in sales

How much does it cost to promote?

The price of a SEO is formed individually for each project and depends on the following factors:

The region (list of cities) in which the promotion is planned

The more regions need to be covered, the higher the labour costs of specialists. There is also a significant dependence of the complexity of bringing the site to the top of search engines, on the size of the population of the city of interest.

Scope of business (selected search queries)

Companies operating in a market with low competition are faster and cheaper to promote than companies in a highly competitive environment. However, there is no absolute correlation with the offline market in online competition. The cost is also affected by the semantic core - the list of search queries.

3 State of the site before the start of search engine optimization

The technical condition of the website and its user-friendliness have a significant impact on the effectiveness of SEO, both on the growth of positions and traffic and on the level of conversion. If a company's website is of poor quality compared to its competitors, it may require serious rework or the creation of a new one.

Stages of promotion. Where does the promotion of the project begin?

Short audit and web analytics of the resource. Before starting the cooperation, I will carry out a seo-audit of your website in order to better understand the objectives of the project. I will check whether the most necessary settings have been made. I will propose improvement and development options for progress and promotion to a leading position and improved attendance

Analysis of topics, competitors in the top 10. After familiarising myself with the web portal, I will analyse the leaders' platforms and propose a semantic core (requests for promotion) to be agreed upon. Having agreed upon all the questions, I will connect internet services to monitor positions so that you can check at any time whether there is a shift and positive.

Seo Optimisation. Website promotion starts with project configuration and search engine optimization. If necessary, technical changes are made to improve the usability of the sites

Improving the reference environment. In order to raise the profile of the web project in Yandex and Google, we will improve its link environment by placing advertising materials in thematic online publications.