Website development

Website development

We take a responsible approach to website development. Any site should work and bring results. At the first meetings and negotiations we always find out what the customer expects from the site. It can be an increase in sales through the site, and improve the image in the eyes of partners and competitors, and automation of business processes of the company and much more. Each customer is ready to invest in what he expects.

Therefore, we do not make half-naked sites without filling, which are filled for years and do not repel money spent on them. We do not make inexpensive sites so that "at least some site" is available to the customer.

A site is a vast set of tasks that just need to be completed in order for the site to work. And when we do pre-sale design, each customer sees what work needs to be done to get the right result.

The site, just like a growing child, needs a lot of attention. And then it will grow into a powerful sales tool for the company, it will take over some of the communication with customers, automate some of the relationships with customers and much more.

  • We have more than 15 years of experience in website development;
  • Full cycle of site development, technical support and information support;
  • Creation of sites in Europe of various sizes: corporate sites, online shops, landing-page;
  • We service sites in a complex: site improvement, weekly filling of a site with information, reports on attendance and our recommendations, maintenance of advertising companies, preparation of advertising banners and slides, seo-optimisation and many other things;
  • Seo-optimisation and web development

Why entrust the development of the website to us?

  • Turnkey website development. We create a turnkey website for our customers - from design and filling to technical support and regular development. Our experience and knowledge allow us to perform the entire complex of works on the site.
  • Development with SEO in mind. We develop each website with the latest search engine requirements in mind. Sites do not require additional technical improvements. This allows even a new site to appear immediately in Yandex and Google search results.
  • Modern technologies. In our development, we use the most modern solutions, which allow us to easily manage and develop our website. We improve our websites, making them more convenient to use for our customers.
  • We work for results. Each site is created for its specific purposes. Our task is to make a website that will work for your business and generate sales. We have all the necessary tools for this.
  • Analytics and data collection. We collect data and analyse it before making the website. We find out who the audience of the site is, what is important to them, and what they react to. All this makes it possible to present the content correctly.
  • Competent specialists. Our internet agency brings together specialists in design, front-end, programming and search engine optimization with extensive experience. Employees work closely together to achieve high website conversion and user-friendliness.

Website development

  • Corporate websites. A complete website with an unlimited number of pages. For those who are on the market seriously and for a long time. Pluses: Stresses uniqueness. Buys the trust of potential customers and maintains the loyalty of regular customers, serves well and sells a large number of goods and services in a profitable way.
  • Internet stores. Site for sale of various goods. Unlimited product catalogue, modern design, any functionality and integration. Pluses: Suitable for owners of offline shops wishing to develop on the Internet, and for beginners in the trade. With an online shop, you can constantly and cost-effectively expand both the range and geography of sales.
  • Landing Page. Single-page site with high conversion. Created to sell. Convenient for starting. Pluses: A unique offer, clinging headlines, stimulating stocks, capture forms and other chips will turn resource visitors into real customers and significantly increase profits.
  • Site-card. Site made on a ready-made "selling" template. The optimal solution for those who need a quality website "yesterday". Pluses: Fast and high quality - in 24 hours you will have a full website. You will not have to buy a "cat in a bag" - the finished design has been tested on many customers.

How is the development of the site going?

Site development is a multi-stage process that requires good control and organization

A survey of the website's target audience. We find out who the potential audience of the website is, study the search demand for the company's goods and services, and what the needs of Central Asia are. Scenarios for interaction with the site are developed based on this data.

Development of the site structure. At this stage of site development, requirements to the site are formed to achieve the site's goals: a list of sections and pages is compiled, a list of functional blocks for all key pages is defined, and design requirements are specified,

Site prototyping. The usability specialist is developing the structure of the main pages of the site, properly disposing of functional and information blocks.

Web Design. On the basis of prototypes, the web designer draws website layouts in corporate colours and takes into account the specifics of the company's operations. The design of the website is adaptive.

Make-up and Programming. At this stage, the layouts are transformed into html templates. The programmer binds the ready layout to the control system and displays the necessary information. Our programmers work with the well-known CMS: 1C-Bitrix, WordPress, MODX, OpenCart, Magento.

Filling and Testing. Competent filling of the site pages will allow guests to easily navigate around the site, see the advantages and benefits of the company's goods and services. The filling is made taking into account the requirements of Yandex and Google. Testing of the site is carried out after the programming stage and once again after filling the site with information to avoid broken links and debug all pages of the site.

Installation of meters. We install Google Analytics meters for each website. We register the site with Bing Webmaster and Google Search Console. We also install an online consultant at the customer's request.

Technical support for the site. Once the site has been launched, we help our customers to further develop the site. We continue to advise the site administrator on the work and content of the site. We develop the site to the customer's requirements. We fill the sites and online shops with new information about goods and services.