SEO Audit Website

SEO Audit Website

The SEO audit is suitable for checking the website for compliance with Google requirements and for evaluating the effectiveness of the promotion of the resource. The main task of the service is to find errors in the technical part, internal and external optimisation, and to draw up a detailed plan to correct them. The main goal is to improve all website indicators for the successful promotion of search engines to the top.

SEO Website audit

The employees of our digital agency will always help you in this. There are at least three reasons why you should contact us:

  1. Deep analysis of the website by many parameters.
  2. Drawing up a detailed work plan.
  3. Correction of errors by a team of specialists.

When a search audit is needed

  • When a new project is launched.
  • Before the site is promoted.
  • In case the website is poorly ranked by main requests.
  • If the resource has fallen under the sanctions of search engines.
  • When SEO work does not give a result
  • It is necessary to assess the level of professionalism of the current contractor.

What is included in the SEO audit of the site

Technical analysis of the website. Identification of errors in code and layout. Evaluation of the navigation and structure of the resource, links and uniformity in the placement of links on web pages. Checking for pages 404, redirects, site maps and other flaws.

Content audit. Detailed header analysis in terms of compliance with modern requirements. Evaluation of posted texts and articles for their uniqueness and informative value - useful for visitors and clients of the website.

External SEO-analysis of the resource. Checking the availability of search engine filters. Connection and adjustment of Google Search Console, assessment of the accuracy of data obtained in Google Analytics. Identification of poor quality reference masses.

Assessment of behavioral factors. Checking attendance, time spent by users on the site and depth of viewing. Analysis of failures, accuracy of target setting in web analytics counters.

What will be the SEO audit of the website

  • Identification of all possible defects in the resource.
  • Evaluation of the effectiveness of work carried out by the existing contractor.
  • Detailed plan for external and internal optimisation.
  • Detailed proposal for promotion in search engines.
  • Correction of existing errors in accordance with Google requirements.

About what we don't have

We do not have a button "Bring the site to the top". :)