Mobile Application Development for iOS and Android

Mobile Application Development for iOS and Android

We increase loyalty and sales, improve service and reduce costs by automating and optimising business processes using mobile applications and web services.

Services for creating applications

We create mobile applications that work and make a profit. Clear and well-established production processes ensure the right result: launch your project at the right cost, just in time and with the right quality.

Step-by-step development of your project saves time and money at the start, and you start earning profits from your project as soon as it is launched. The flexible approach allows you to receive projects that meet your business requirements and current tasks.

Our developments are convenient for further development, active promotion and obtaining maximum commercial effect from their use. We develop a project structure based on business analytics, design interfaces and create high-quality content. This allows us to quickly deploy a minimal working version of the project and, based on feedback, achieve first sales.

Mobile app development for iOS and Android

Contact us and we will help you to design a business model and strategy for its phased development at an early stage. Analytics plays an important role in our work: analysis of requirements and business processes, marketing and technical audit, requirements management at all stages of the project.

  • We conduct competitive market analysis and use the best solutions to create first-class products.
  • We implement business tasks using user-friendly interfaces based on analytics.
  • We create a better user experience. We draw user-friendly and clear interfaces that work.
  • Encapsulate the application in code. We write a clean and stable code and integrate it with the customer's technology.
  • We test service on various devices and guarantee the release of a quality product just in time.
  • We support and improve the product based on feedback. Thousands of downloads and output to the top of our product lines.

We strive for a long-term relationship, with an immersion in the business world of the customer. This is our way of finding accurate, beautiful and timely solutions.

We are trusted

We start each project in the studio with a careful study of the market and the audience, and conduct audits of competing projects. Creation of mobile applications and websites as a tool that brings measurable business benefits. We use our unique experience and knowledge to create interesting and high-quality products. We take on the full cycle of mobile applications and websites creation, from interface design to server development.

How much does it cost to develop a mobile application?

Perhaps, this is the most frequent question. We even wrote an article (the article too to translate and make a link to about pricing for your convenience. This is almost the same as asking "How much a car costs" - even within a single brand, the price of cars can vary by an order of magnitude. However, just like for cars, there is a bottom line at which the cost of developing applications starts, we have a price starting at 1,500 euros. The cost depends on the scope and composition of the project. We usually agree on a fixed price and the customer is always satisfied with both the conditions and the result.

The development price is recorded after all requirements have been collected and aggregated and a prototype has been prepared as part of the preparation of the terms of reference. The payment can be broken down into stages, which are linked to the release of a new version of your application. At each stage of the development process, you get a ready-made solution.

After successful publication, we sign the final statement of work and proceed to the support stage. At this stage, we discuss and evaluate the new functionality and make development plans. We monitor the effectiveness of the key scenarios by using customised metrics and the analytics system. Conversions at various stages are stacked in a funnel. Based on the data we collect, we develop solutions to improve business performance.

The cost of developing mobile applications

We have assembled standard application elements into packages to approximate development costs. To order a mobile application, please contact us, we will consult you and audit the price offers of other studios. 

Development time of mobile applications for IOS and Android

To find out the cost of developing a mobile application, you need to present the functionality of the application in its entirety. The initial assessment can be made on the basis of a list of requirements, later the assessment will be clarified on the basis of the completed prototype and TOR. The prototype simulates all the screens of the real application, navigation, transitions between screens and actions on screens. On average, programming for a mobile application takes between 4 and 10 weeks. The terms and budget of the project are calculated based on the number of standard hours for each block of the application. As part of the contract, we guarantee compliance with the general and step-by-step development timelines and the framework of the approved budget, regardless of the actual number of man-hours spent on development.

Stages of APP development

Our team uses a flexible development methodology and we divide your product release as soon as possible.

The development of mobile applications for iOS or Android is a technological process that requires careful planning. Preparation of project documentation and prototyping an application is an integral and very important part of the project, which, just like programming, requires a lot of work. An agreed list of requirements ensures that we speak the same language and understand the end result in the same way.

The idea. At this initial stage, it is crucial to have a consistent and consistent description of what will be created afterwards. We discuss and formalise the idea, propose the best ways to implement it and together make a list of basic requirements.

Design. We create a map that clearly shows all the functions of the product, and prototypes that reflect all the application screens and their transitions. Depending on our needs, the prototypes can be static or interactive.

We create a design for all screens of the future application and draw different states for all use scenarios. We subject all elements of the GUI to usability research to make sure that the design solutions adopted are ergonomic and allow the user to effectively solve their tasks.

Development. The process of creating a mobile application consists of several stages; at each stage you receive intermediate application assemblies for review. In mobile development we write pure native code and do not use cross-platform solutions.

Testing. The application is sent to you for testing and verification of compliance with the ToR. The application is installed on your test devices and works exactly as if it was downloaded from Google.Play or AppStore. All discrepancies and problems found are corrected at this stage.

Publication. After the customer has accepted the application and signed the acceptance report, the application is sent to the AppStore or Google.Play for publication. Each application is checked by Google and Apple teams before publication. Acceptance on Google.Play takes no more than 24 hours and the acceptance process on the AppStore takes at least a week.